We know how important the right partners are for a project’s success. Restoration is challenging enough as it is, let alone when you don’t have good friends in the business to help guide you.  

Heritage Growers was started by the seasoned restoration experts at River Partners. Years ago, River Partners was founded to change the approach to large-scale habitat restoration in California. With Heritage Growers, we are taking what we’ve learned through years of trial, error, and success and are making it available to others working toward the same goals. At the end of the day, we all want to give life back to local landscapes. Together, we can mend the mosaic of California’s natural wonders with each native seed and plant. 

After two decades of driving large-scale habitat restoration, we’ve learned that the quality of native seed used on restoration projects matters. Seeds and plants perform better if they originate from wildland locations with similar soils, hydrology and climate to sites being restored. At River Partners, we weren’t always able to obtain regionally appropriate seeds for our restoration projects. To fill this gap, we took the steps necessary to create a new kind of native seed and plant company, and Heritage Growers was born. 

What’s more, all of Heritage Growers’ profits are put straight back into funding River Partners’ statewide restoration efforts. Our unique business model speaks to our deep roots and commitment to implementing large-scale, high-quality restoration projects. When you choose to do business with Heritage Growers, you’re becoming a part of our legacy of restoring vibrant landscapes.  

Our Philosophy 

We’re driven by a vision of a vibrant California, with many thousands of acres of restored habitat. The seeds and plants that pass through our hands are the keys to making this vision a reality. By working with our clients and partners to restore ecosystems across the state, we’re creating a legacy of rich biodiversity for future generations. At the same time, we are always learning from past successes and failures, and together, we’re moving the science and practice of habitat restoration forward. 

We work with… 

  • Restoration contractors   
  • Private landowners    
  • Natural resource agencies 
  • County and city properties 
  • Resource conservation districts   
  • Conservation NGOs 
  • Municipalities 
  • Water and flood control agencies   
  • anyone wanting to restore habitat in California   

Get in touch today to discuss how Heritage Growers experience and expertise can benefit your restoration project.