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Your Partners in Habitat Restoration  

We’re not only here to supply you with the highest-quality plants and seeds. We bring unparalleled passion and expertise to make any project thrive. Restoring native landscapes is a complex endeavor, as anyone in this field will tell you. We don’t just provide seeds and starts on-time and in great health. We’re your project consultant, from design and planning to installation and maintenance.  

Over our decades of experience, we’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t, and it starts with quality seeds and plants. But it can’t end there. What makes us different is our commitment to going the extra mile, providing personalized advice and thoughtful support to overcome the inevitable challenges that arise.  Our deep expertise leading hundreds of diverse restoration efforts across California informs every project we work on, no matter how large or small. We pride ourselves on sharing advice and lessons learned to ensure our clients’ projects succeed. At the end of the day, we’re committed to your goals just as much as you are.

Restoration Solutions

With experience and guidance as unique and varied as the ecosystems we work in, we offer best-in-the-business products and services. And, we’re there every step of the way to guide you on how to prepare your site for planting and seeding, what seeding rates and plant timing is best, and the maintenance needed to get optimal results. We also offer implementation services through our partner organization, River Partners.

Our Unparalleled Solutions

  • Locally Adapted Native Seeds and Plants
  • Native Plant Contract Grows
  • Custom Seed Mixes
  • Wildland Seed Collection
  • Seed Amplification
  • Native Seed Cleaning and Testing
  • Native Grass Straw
  • Habitat Restoration Implementation   

Locally Adapted Seeds & Plants

From the ground up, we want your project to be the best it can be. That’s why we always prioritize plants and seeds that are best adapted to local climates and soils, which also boosts their resistance to diseases and makes them better suited to local insect populations. All the seeds and plants we offer are of known genetic origin, which means we know exactly where they came from and where they’re suited to thrive.

Dedicated Experts

Our commitment to successful habitat restoration goes beyond having decades of experience and technical know-how. Our staff is personally invested in turning degraded ecosystems into high-functioning habitat, and we bring that dedication to every project.

For our projects we need a partner we can collaborate with, not just a seed supplier. There’s a lot of nuances, and things you want to avoid when working with native plants. Pat and Michele have always been available to give consulting and expertise.

Billy Krimmel, Founder & Ecologist, Miridae

Pat and Michele are detail-oriented and a pleasure to work with.

Bryan Young, Natural Resources Supervisor, Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District

I have been working in the restoration industry sourcing native plants and seed for well over a decade. It’s a small industry and there aren’t a ton of different places to source from, but these guys go above and beyond. It isn’t just about making a purchase. This type of commitment to service is often lacking in California, with the exception of people like Pat and Michele.

Jessa Kay Cruz, Senior Pollinator Conservation Specialist, Xerces Society

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