Pat Reynolds

General Manager   

Pat Reynolds is a restoration ecologist with more than 30 years of professional experience in the design, implementation and monitoring of habitat restoration projects including the effective use of native seed. He is the Director of River Partners’ Native Seed and Plant program, the former General Manager of Hedgerow Farms and a past Associate Restoration Ecologist at H.T. Harvey & Associates. Pat sits on the board of the California Native Grasslands Association, the Yolo County Planning Commission and is the Restoration Ecologist on the Science and Technical Advisory Committee for the Yolo County Habitat Agency. In the habitat restoration profession, Pat is known for his integrity, friendliness, and habitat restoration expertise. He brings his in-depth knowledge of habitat restoration to every project and particularly enjoys providing recommendations to clients and collaborating with partners. His unique set of skills and expertise are an asset to every restoration project he partners on.    

Michele Ranieri

Operations Manager

Michele has a rich history of working with plants in the organic farming industry as well as studying medicinal herbs and permaculture principles. After 10 years in organic farming, including running the vegetable and medicinal herb nursery at Soil Born Farms in Rancho Cordova, CA, she transitioned to the role of Assistant General Manager at Hedgerow Farms, where she was able to apply her deep knowledge of plants and her expertise in data management and organization. The native seed industry is complex and requires intimate knowledge of many processes required to produce and maintain high quality seed of known genetic origin. Michele is an expert troubleshooter and has a knack for figuring out problems before they happen and is dedicated to getting them fixed the right way first. Her organizational skills keep the operations of Heritage Growers running smoothly.